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    Originally posted by philip in china View Post
    So funny, isn't it. Just now, in UK, you could probably get a 12' table for free if you looked around. Perhaps 20 or 30 years ago, pubs were probably throwing bar billiard tables out, but now they are expensive.

    I don't suppose the timer mechanism is essential. The timer on a phone, or just a clock, would do the job equally well.
    Yep I thought the same thing, in the coin-op versions when the timer ends a bar drops down internally to stop the balls coming out again. But as you say for free-play at home it's not really necessary.


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      I do miss the game and always thought that it was perfect for pubs with a corner as the table only needs two sides open
      I only ever once played the clock out, i.e. all 17mins with the opponent not having a go, and it was a league match, came close so many times - felt like a 147
      Up the TSF!


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        the timer sends a bar down to keep all balls in and you play with what balls are left in the rack , the last shot could entail sending the ball across the table and into the first pocket on the rebound , knock down the peg or hole rule and you still can lose even if you have a higher score .