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My 1st ever Table

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  • My 1st ever Table

    Happy Days, I'm so excited I've just bought my very 1st Full Size Table, it's 2nd hand but in quite good condition, as far as I can make out it's been used in a Cue shop for testing new Cues out on, so not had any real wear and tear.

    At the moment the room it's going in to isn't built so I'm going to have a lot of time on my hands to 'tinker' with the table what are your thoughts do you think i should refurb all the wood strip it all back and get it re-
    polished/painted up to get it looking like new or should I just concentrate on getting it playing as good as possible with Steel Block Cushions etc and leave the wood as is...?

    All info, help, will be much appreciated


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    congrates on your new baby
    if you have time before it can be used, then maybe a repolish, etc. would be nice

    don't forget photos of the room build - just to make us even more jealous
    Up the TSF!


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      Don't worry about the repolish... Just get it playing right... They soon collect dust


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        I agree, get a good fitter to install with new cloth and and rubbers if he thinks it necessary. Play on it for the life of first cloth then make decision on upgrades needed. Lighting is a good place to start doing some research, its important, try to make it so you dont have any naked light when you are standing at table. I have made my own lighting box and used some curtains on it to block out the naked light. Very easy to build and not expensive. Let me know and I can show you picturs and a plan. Cheers
        I try hard, play hard and dont always succeed, at first.!!!!


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          I remember how excited I was when I got my first table- a 10' Chinese one when I was in China. Then when I actually got my first 12' table here in Bulgaria! I am very pleased for you.

          I agree, let's have photos of the room as well.


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            That's great thanks Sharkster63, I was thinking about lighting and thought about making my own LED Light rig but any inspiration/tips would be hugely appreciated!

            The Room isn't even Planned yet, my Dad has a bit of spare Land and I asked if I could 'borrow' some off him on Monday, he reluctantly agreed so the 1st thing I did was go out a buy the Table before he changed his mind! I now need to have a think about what I want and obviously what my budget is, however, I do 3D Visualisations as a hobby/Part-time job so once i've got a few Ideas down I could post the 3D CGI images on here to give you all an idea what it'll hopefully look like before it's even been built, if that's ok?




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              I have tried to send you a PM, but am unconvinced that it has worked!


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                I got it Philip, cheers mate...


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                  OK, I am not very good with computers!


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                    So, here's what I've designed so far - I'm undecided on the Lighting (basically, should i stay traditional or go for modern LED's) and the Flooring (should I have wooden Flooring, Tiles, Carpet or a mix, like in the image?)...

                    New Snooker Room.jpg

                    New Snooker Room 2.jpg