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Are full size snooker table slates reversible?

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  • Are full size snooker table slates reversible?

    Hi I'm based in Ontario Canada. Just bought a full size used table. One if the slates has a dent in it (about 2" x 1"). When installing the slates on the frame, can I just flip the slates over so that the dent is underneath? The slates appear very smooth on both sides.
    The table is made by Dufferin.

    Many thanks

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    I believe that the slates are NOT reversible, only one side is fully finished to the high tolerance required and matches the slates next to it, but I hope one of the TSF table fitters to come on here with their extensive knowledge
    Maybe this dent could be filled by the fitter like they do with the joints?
    Up the TSF!


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      Fill it with soft sand car body filler , and sand flat with surface .

      Slates are not reversible , they are only semi finished on reverse , and also your bolt holes may be at a differnat depth for the cushions , say they are at 3/4 of an inch down the slate is 2 inch thick , if reversed the bolt holes would be 1.1/4 inch depth , and you also have holes where the bolt is inserted , these may be lead filled if an old table , and if so they will not be flush with under side they will have holes in them in the playing area .
      also if the pocket falls are sloping they will be inverted slope if turned over with a sharp edge to underside now on top .

      as you can see so many things point to the slate not being reversible , but the main one is that only one side is honed flat or hand floated .

      have a look at these slates I found on a table in Cornwall , it has more filler in it than slate

      link here

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        Awesome thanks for the great advice


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          Indi, if you need help setting up your table let me know, I have one at home that I have been working on for years, takes allot patience and time. Looking forward to meeting you. Cheers, Rolly C. sends
          I try hard, play hard and dont always succeed, at first.!!!!


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            So, Geoff, somebody had been using that slate as a chopping block! I could understand that if the table were scrapped, but it looks to be a nice table. Are those slates original to that table?

            Always a pleasure to visit your site.


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              Four of them are the one on the end nearest the camera is off another table but has been blended in

              not 100% level but it plays ok for this client

              I have worked on it twice , once to set up and re-cover , and a then 10 years later because the room flooded from a farmer blocking a natural path for a stream up , and it ran straight through my clients garden and snooker room .

              it is a Burroughs and watts billiard top plate table pre 1895 , so with two inch slate one of the first tables to have this thicker slate as around 1885 it was thinner .

              it was not until later on and we got to steam and trucks that the slate was made thicker .

              before that it was horse and cart deliveries .

              Not that I go back that far , but was told you may have had to have a man with a red flag walk in front of the truck