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2nd best snooker rubber

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  • Geoff Large
    Club rubber is just imported rubber from China .

    the UK made Northern rubber is made in Retford Nottinghamshire and is owned by Hainsworth

    it is not just the best for rebound value and consistency in manufacture , but of long lasting too .

    where rubber will degrade over time go hard or sometimes spongy , the Northern Rubber in my experience is good for around 25 years use .
    but is normally rated at 10 year replacement life

    the club rubber is just a 5 to 8 year life span , you may get 12 years at useful bounce response , but after that time period it fails to match up to even 25 year old Northern rubber .

    I am still re-covering tables made in the 1980s with Northern rubber still intact after 40 years use .

    Riley used to use Barton white rubber in the 1980s

    this white rubber is now well past it's sell by date , but if they had used Northern Rubber it may still be passable for a club table ( Not Match ) even after 40 years life span .

    you get what you pay for I'm afraid , but don't forget the labour and time to fit low cost options is the same as fitting high class rubber or if fitting yourself the time and effort , Northern Rubber is around three times more expensive than imported rubber .
    Fit and forget is the motto I use for Northern rubber ,
    Fit import rubber expect to re-rubber at least every 10 years .with back end of them years not good rebound value .

    you can tell the difference import rubber is canvas backed , Northern rubber is not .

    the same can said for Michelin Tyres over budget tyres if you want a comparison of good or bad products and you get what you pay for , I got 50.000 miles out of a pair of Michelin tyres on front drive wheels of my Movano van , the rears still good after 60.000 miles , I doubt that budget tyres would get to half that miles .

    99.9% of pool tables are fitted with imported rubber . that is why you have to change cushions on them around every 5 or 6 years , even Supreme tables .
    but that is not a bad thing as witha re-cover every 6 months for winter and summer pool leagues , the wood work that the rubber is fitted to becomes flaky and crumbly with staple firing into them after 10 to 12 re-covers,
    so best to just change the whole cushion .

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  • chas6868
    started a topic 2nd best snooker rubber

    2nd best snooker rubber

    We all know that northern rubber is the top rubbers but anyone know what's a grade down from it.
    Anyone used peadon club rubber