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  • Snooker table in USA

    Hi golks,

    I wanted to share my experience getting a snooker table in USA.

    I used to live in Wisconsin and being originally from Pakistan, have played snooker a lot during my youth. But when I moved yo USA I couldn’t find any place to play snooker. After 12 years of drought, I found a guy who was selling his Snooker Table on Craigslist in IOWA - some 700 miles away from whereI lived. He was selling a Dufferin Snooker table for $3200 which I negotiated down to $2200 + shipping cost of $250. Without inspecting the table and having blind faith on that man, I committed to purchase and it wasn’t a bad purchase in my opinion.

    Once table was delivered,the next challenge was to find a guy in USA who can install cloth. I ordered Stratchan Tournament grade baize for $450 delivered from ebay. I contacted a local pool club guy to help me setup and install vloth. On his first attempt he ript the cloth. Then he bought a new cloth (same) out of his own pocket and installed it fine. He said pool cloths are very stretchable and snooker cloths are not that stretchaable that’s what caused the cloth to rip.

    Long story short, I think there are not many snooker tables around in USA and it’s pretty difficult to get one.

    Next I had to move out of WI to OH where I again had to find an installer and he did it the first time withiut any issues, but thebasement where I have my snooker table now isn’t big enough and I can’t play when ball is close to borders.

    Anyway, here’s my video I posted on youtube

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    have you seen this site

    you will have to learn to control the cue ball and make sure you don't end up on the cushions (as we call it over here )
    Up the TSF!