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  • Hotwire table heating

    Hi everyone! Haven't been here in yonks. I have read a few threads on table heating and rather than adding my bits here and there, i thought i would start my own thread.

    I invented the first full surface hotwire system 12 years ago now for full size snooker tables and have fitted systems for over 40 top pros including Ronnie O'Sullivan, over half of the current world snooker top 32 and the Grove Academy in Romford as a result of fitting the very first system to Stuart Bingham's silver leg back in 2008

    This system can be retrofitted to most modern full size tables and will completely transform the way the table has ever played.

    The system is very similar to underfloor heating except for the fact that the hotwire mat is wider than standard 500mm underfloor heating mat and is taylor made to fit and cover the full surface of a snooker table.

    Apart from having an extremely fast table, there are a number additional benefits to mention;

    1 the slates or frame are not subjected to excessive heat. The heating element (wire) can be touched with bare hands without causing burns. As the matt is insulated, the table frame is not subjected to radiant heat.

    2 no heat loss or cold spots. The insulation directs the warmth directly in to the slate creating an even temperature from cushion to cushion

    3 warm up time is only 1/1.5 hrs so there is no need to leave them on 24/7 timer switches sold separately can be used to switch the heating on before you are due to play

    4 cost effective. You are only warming the slate and not the air under the table. The system has a total wattage of 750watts and runs on a thermostat. With an average rate 15p per kWh you would have an average consumption of around 10p per hour.

    Hi have page on facebook where i have some photos of tables that i have done.

    Feel free to ask me anything i might of missed or how i can fit it to your table

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    Im interested to know how much you charge and also, considering the the other thread in this section claims you can make your own pretty easily, I want to know why any would select this over making your own


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      I think "pretty easy" is relative. I have spent 12 years developing this while taking feedback from tablefitters and players on board and i don't mind admitting that i have made mistakes in those 12 years but they are not repeated. To have a table fitted with Hotwire costs £450 plus mileage. Its a phone call or a couple of emails and i spend 3 hours under your table and after that its done...

      I have seen the home made solutions on here and i have had to remove home made solutions as they wasn't heating the table evenly.

      Everyone is free to do with their table what want, ie anyone can theoretically recover bed and cushions. But i would rather get a table fitter to do it cause i know that he has done loads of tables and it would cost me more in the long run. I would need to buy cloth, tacks, tools etc and i would never get it as good as an experienced table fitter would.

      With heating its similar, you could go shopping for underfloor heating all the bits and bobs and thermostat. But got be honest to get everything you need you wouldn't have much change out of £400 and it wouldn't be right for the job as underfloor is to narrow.

      It's like everything in life just a case of weighing up the options.


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        Plus...somehow, i am struggling to imagine Ronnie O'Sullivan, John Higgins, Mark Williams, Ryan Day, Neil Robertson, Stuart Bingham, Mark Selby, Judd Trump, Jimmy White, Michael white, Joe Perry, Anthony mcgill, Jamie Cope and all the others under a snooker table trying to fit heating...probably why they rang me ��


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          Is the system adaptable to US power? (120V, 60Hz)


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            I have had this question before, unfortunately the short answer is no. But i have seen plenty of gadgets on places like Ebay that can convert 110v to 220v.


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              By far the best heating system for a snooker table and so easy to install, we have recently put this on our match table and the difference between Justin’s system and the tubes that we were using is night and day , anyone looking for a heater for their table this is definitely the guy to use .


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                How much?? I may be interested...


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                  Likewise, how much please? May be interested in a couple of months time..