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Burroughes & Watts 12 leg table

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  • Burroughes & Watts 12 leg table

    Our club has a Burroughes & Watts 12 leg table. The chairman says its very rare! I hate it to be honest and wish they'd get a new one, as it needs a lot of work doing to it. So I'm after some advice should we get it reconditioned or sell it as it is and get a decent table?20190616_194814.jpg
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    I believe this 12 leg tables was called the Rigidus but there was another type of frame called that from the 20s, - the thinking was the shorter distance between the legs gave greater rigidity in the frame.
    this table circa 1930 I think
    Quite rare I would say, only seen one other

    I hope the table fitters pop on and give you an idea on anything reconditioning-wise that can be done.

    What do you call a "decent" table?
    Better playing or just one in better condition?
    Many people prefer playing on old tables - newer does not necessarily mean better
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      DeanH is probably right on the date. The Rigidus table was introduced just before the 1914-18 war, but if that's a slide panel fitted to cover the cushion bolts it would be from the inter-war years. The same frame could have been fitted with 12 or 8 legs, the 12 leg version was sold as the "Willie Smith" model in the 1930s.

      The badge, I suspect is not original. The Arrowflite cushion was introduced in 1939, but was most commonly fitted during renovation work after the war, c.1950s, and this looks like a plate from around that date.

      These tables were built to last. If it is not playing well it probably just needs attention to the cushions. I'd suggest you get a good table fitter to take a look at it.


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        Thanks, it's not been reclothed or repaired for about 15 year. Unfortunately I don't think the club have the money to sort it.


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          If it’s in poor condition you’d be lucky to find a buyer at any price. It certainly wouldn’t finance a new table.


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            Get another table ...... please


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              Originally posted by Spuds View Post
              Get another table ...... please
              because it doesn't have gold sprayed composite legs?

              if the club wont spend out on a recloth/refurb - I doubt they will spend out on a new table?

              I am sure a recloth and rerubber will be a lot less than a newer table.
              Sure this table will play beautifully with new bits by a good fitter
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                bigroberto - have you mentioned to the club that a new cloth and new rubbers will make the table play so much better that more people will want to play on it, which is more revenue

                we have three tables in our hall, one was not good at all that most (including myself) would not play on it, and I have seen others come in and turn around and go when they realise that it is the only table free.
                Now with new cloth, rails, rubbers, pocket nets, etc. it plays very nice indeed and we now have all three being used more often than not
                let us know how you get on
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                  I have never seen a B&W 12 legged table before. In fact I have never seen any other 12 legged table.

                  1. So you want a "better" table? That one is made from Cuban mahogany, by a premiere manufacturer and has a pair of legs at each slate joint. So what are you going to get which is "better"?
                  2. It has had no attention for 15 years. Let me tell you a secret. If you were to get a new table, now, and play on it for 15 years without any servicing, it is going to be a wreck. You would be far better getting it professionally levelled, reclothed bed and cushions and new rubbers. Then it will play like a dream.
                  3. If you want it to look a bit better, how much trouble is it to rub it down and put some new finish on the wood?
                  4. The only "problem" with it is that it probably doesn't have steel blocks. Play a few hours against Cuban mahogany and you will start to realise how dense it is and how similar the response is to that provided by steel blocks.

                  I don't think we know where you are. If anywhere within travelling distance of Derby, Geoff Large is your man for a quote for the work. You will find it money well spent if you have the work done.


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                    not as rare as you think these 12 leg versions , I used to service three of these on my local rounds and came across them up and down the UK while travelling fitting , one in British sugar in Newark , the other two at Bilsthorpe miners club also near Newark ,

                    did not see the need for the extra legs made levelling a bit of a challenge as you had 12 legs to shim instead of 8 .

                    and yes Rigidus framed table .


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                      I never thought about that problem, Geoff. It must make it much more difficult.

                      Hope you are well. I am and the table is still playing beautifully.