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    Well i finally broke my duck, played in my local league again last night, and finally won a game, it is a handicap league, and being a new player (my first season, and first ever league) my handicap was +15 points, this meant that i was the top player in my team, so played all the other teams top players and was getting battered every week, this week my handicap was adjusted to +25 and i played a lad off +22 so a good even match, (according to the handicaps) and blow me down i won, 103-62, no great breaks, my highest was 23, but i played a hit and run game lol, scored a few points and if i did not like the next shot i played safe, just happy to win my first game. Must say a big thank you to ADR147 for such a wonderful cue, it plays great. Well enough gloating for now lol, looking forward to winning again next week.
    Cheers Carpy

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    the first of many for you I hope
    Up the TSF!


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      That must be a nightmare playing off of Handicaps .

      Played League snooker for 30 years now , and obviously know many of the players …….but how you would go about handicapping the players i wouldn't have a clue .


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        Well done, Carpy
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