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setting up balls in same position after a missed shot...

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    oh, those stickers are perfect!
    I will get some of those, thanks


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      Originally Posted by thai_son22 View Post

      haha i do remember very well. I also remember seeing one of his chinese students i think his name was "haibo" or something along those lines. I remember speaking about it to you and bigmeek about this.
      been meaning to back up to Edinburgh at some point actually - Love having a laugh with Chris when I'm really meant to be taking it seriously
      Lol I’m BigMeek. Something went wrong with my log on and I had to re-register!
      Chris has a table in his house now and coaches from there although he still coaches in Locarno and out in Bathgate Snooker Centre in West Lothian. Superb club.
      Haibo got married and had a child. He went home for a holiday and I think he ran into visa problems trying to return to Scotland. Nice lad.
      Hopefully see you sometime. Take care.