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  • motivation

    are you really, i mean really doing the right things to improve? if so:
    -how do you go about it, whats the plan?
    -what do you avoid?
    -and who inspires you?
    i came across this lad, and although i don't subscribe to it 100%, there is some real 'tell it like it is' direct truths

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    this is exactly what I needed!!!
    was really struggling with my snooker felt like I hit a brick wall,
    thanks for this!!!!


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      The guy's good and his message is spot on. Just got to look past his typical hyped up yank behaviour. Thanks for sharing mate!


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        I agree with his message to work hard and your efforts will lead to improvement. But I think that it is important to just be the best you can be (rather than the good old USA chant "number 1").

        Just enjoy what you do. Have a passion. Not everyone can play in the NFL or be Ronnie O'Sullivan. Just try hard and do your best. Be the best you can be! Practice, practice, practice will help your snooker game.

        He may have his own baseball cap and sweatshirt, but where is his line of underwear and man fragrance? Maybe it is coming this year. I can't wait for that. Just what the world needs.

        My favourite players: Walter Lindrum (AUS), Neil Robertson (AUS), Eddie Charlton (AUS), Robby Foldvari (AUS), Vinnie Calabrese (AUS), Jimmy White, Stephen Hendry, Alex Higgins, Ronnie O'Sullivan, Dominic Dale and Barry Hawkins.
        I dream of a 147 (but would be happy with a 100)