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Cueing Across to the right

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  • Cueing Across to the right

    My alignment seems to have gone all to pot, I have been told before when I was cueing up along the baulk line a friend said you are cueing across the line so I decided to record it. My Approach and stance is right foot on the line of, more the toes and foot pointing towards the yellow pocket. Left leg is just over shoulder width apart similar to say a square on stance. as you can see from the video I seem to pull the cue off line as if the grip hand is pulling it to my hip. Any Suggestions?

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    Stand more to the right - get the heel on line


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      Do you turn the right foot towards the yellow pocket on the ball of your foot after it has touched the floor ?
      Do you turn your right foot towards the yellow pocket on your heel after it has touched the floor ?

      Turning your foot to the right after it has touched the floor will also turn your body to the left. Better to stand behind the shot before you get down in your stance position, one foot in front of the other or whatever it is so that you don't turn at all as you're getting down and your body stays straight, or keep the right foot pointing straight ahead to prevent turning the body but this can cause a strain in the leg (it does for me).
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        WARNING: I'm not a strong player, and certainly not an instructor.
        It seems to me that the OP's first problem is that he's getting inaccurate information from his eyes; when he's at the address position, he thinks the cue is pointed down the baulk line, when it's actually pointed to his right (the viewer's left).


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          Cueing Across to the right

          yep that is what I thought, he is not aligned to the baulk line at the start. so much so that I thought he was going to do a Trump and swing the cue onto the line as he delivers but he did not.
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            most been said , you are standing too far left of the line . i practice this and was in a similar position. to solve it i held the cue and laid it on the baulk line then stood behind it to see what it looks like to me.
            then i looked at the position my feet were in respect to the line. and from this i learned how a straight line looks from my center vision viewpoint.

            i still need to do this exercise from time to time so i don't go back to my old ways