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New Video: Snooker Middle Pocket Potting

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  • New Video: Snooker Middle Pocket Potting

    Hi everyone!

    New video now on YouTube.

    In this video I talk about potting balls to the middle pockets. Why it's more difficult, and give a few tips and advice to help you have more success.

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    Hi Steve,

    I don't know if you mentioned in the video as I was sort of skimming bits but the nap also can help you guage potting to middle pockets. On the table where I play the nap is heavy and if I aim right at the far jaw slowly, the ball often slides back so as I say, it depends on the table. I've much improved on middle pocket shots. I find the more acute the angle the slower you need to hit it. But, if the angle is just off straight yyou can get away with having extra pace...(sometimes)

    Good video though.
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      From my experience , for mid pocket potting use bottom side ( just below the centre ) with little bit of side so that there is no chance of in-off ...!!!!