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  • Cueing Dominant Eye.........................

    Ok so does this make sense............

    I noticed something about my game the other night, I set up 15 reds across the blue spot and attempt to cue them in from the baulk line as part of my daily practice routine I do this once only and on average I'll get about 10 out 15, my best is 12 and I can manage that now and then.

    I'm right eye dominant but I've never made a conscious effort to move my cue to the right side of my chin, I've been told I tilt my head across naturally so I've never bothered addressing the change.

    Now I'm left handed and when I play the long reds to the left corner pocket (presenting my right eye to the table) I very rarely come across one. When I play the long reds to the right hand corner pocket (presenting my left eye to the table) i more frequently find I'll have right hand side on the cue ball and I push the white to the left and miss the pocket to the right.

    Can any coaches confirm my sighting issue is to fault and I should switch under my right eye?
    I've got a lesson coming up shortly and I was going to raise this to my coach but this just got me thinking..........

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    Do the sightrite test with a piece of folded card.
    Get a piece of card about A4 size and draw a line down the centre of it with a black marker pen. Fold it in the middle and make two small folds either side of the main fold so there's a small bump in the middle, therefore breaking the line into two parts.

    Place the paper on the table and stand behind it as you would when sighting the line of aim on a shot. You should see one continuous line, but if the line is broken then you're not standing in the right place so move a little until it is one line.

    When you see one line, close one eye and then the other and you should see a small change as the line becomes slightly broken with one eye but not the other, the difference is quite small, this tells you which is your sighting eye, the further away from the line you stand the smaller the difference but this small difference is significant.

    Then place the paper on the table lining up to the two top corner pockets from the baulk line and address your cue to the front part of the broken line, head low enough that you can't see the second part of the line. When satisfied that you are addressing the front of the line dead straight, lift your head to check that you're also addressing to the second part of the line and the line is straight and unbroken.

    If you're straight on one pocket but not the other then you have a sighting issue from one side of the table, so if the line is unbroken when stood up you're either somehow moving off the line when getting down or when playing normally you're not standing in the same place as you do with the broken line test when you see it as unbroken as you do on the other side of the table.
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      I have an issue where I am a bit odd and do not have a dominant eye... I have no preference and sight stuff up dead down the middle of both eyes. For me, if I try the folded card test there, I get the initial line and over the bump, the remainder of the line is 'split' into two for each eye, and ought to be equally spaced.. of course then if I focus on the far line over the bump, the near line is then 'doubled'... If I close one eye (either), then yes I can see how this sightright thing could possibly work, but for me I really don't know.

      With that I do have some issues I think in getting the correct line sometimes, but also I have this odd ability to line up the cue to centre of ball and then occasionally apply unintentional right hand side (always right hand side it seems) when striking. The cue isn't being over-gripped however if I consciously make the effort to press the cue into my bridge hand it can reduce the impact of the problem. Playing cueball along the baulk line from brown spot at a weight to bounce and reach the opposite cushion more often than not results in a right hand bounce off the cushion (about 1/4 to 1/2 ball by the time it gets back to the brown spot). This happens on both sides (playing from yellow side or green side) - I've checked the line too - it's perfectly equally straight measured from the baulk cushion and the nap shouldn't affect both sides). I've checked with mirrors, friends and cameras that I am lining the cue straight down the baulk line too so doesn't feel like it is cross-cueing.

      Both issues are quite frustrating as I feel I know what I need to do to make a particular shot but my potting is often let down by something which should be seen as fundamental!

      Anyone else had similar issues and found a way to get over them?