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    I notice a well known coach is running a group session at the end of this month. I'm trying to talk myself into going but the list is long why I shouldn't. Least of which is I haven't picked up a cue in 5 months. Never really sorted out my Yips but was on the list to find a coach one on one who could help or had experience dealing with the Yips. I don't fancy the idea of trying to hit the cue ball while everyone else is potting them off the lampshades. Anyone had experience of group coaching? Pro's & Con's???

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    There isn't a technical coach on the planet who could help you overcome the yips as it's a psychological problem that you need to overcome yourself.

    Think about when it first started and what you were going through in your life at that time that could have been a subconscious cause. Whatever it was may not be consciously relevant to you now but your snooker may be rekindling something you haven't gotten over.

    Strange place the subconscious mind as it rules your life.
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