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    Has anybody got a good enough memory to remember if Johnn Higgins technique was ever textbook for his sighting?

    Watching play McCulloch at the moment and thinking of previous matches last year, his eyes seem to chase the white to the object ball; obviously MAC would say, "Let's not concentrate on the negatives", but I'm afraid if there's a weakness or a an improvement to make, you've at least go to know there's potential, then you can decide if the return is worth the effort.

    Maybe someone's got some footage they could look at that's better quality than the online RAM files off the BBC I've just peeked at. At first viewing, he seems to be doing the same thing when he won the Liverpool Victoria United Kingdom Championship in 2000 beating Mark Williams 10-4 (£78k btw).
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    I think you're right. I've just watched through some maximums in 2000 and 2003 and it's especially clear on the long pots that his eyes are on the white when he strikes the cueball, and they follow it afterwards as you say. It could be something to look at but then, it doesn't (or at least didn't) seem to be doing him much harm.

    On another note, I was pleased to see him in pretty good form against Davis yesterday (although it would've been nice if Davis could've done himself justice a bit more than he did). It's all set up for an excellent semi versus Hendry.


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      Cheers Robert, if if works it definitely don't need fixing, but as we know, it's not an easy game that it's better to get the major basics nailed on and then your off-days are better and hopefully still good enough to win.

      It'll be something in years to come that Clive or more likely Dennis T will mention as startling they've never noticed before. (How long did it take for the McManus head-lift to surface?)

      I suppose for anyone worrying too much about all these different coaching tips, they can feel better that a former World Champ does what they do.

      O'Sullivan V Hendry/Higgins would be good TV.
      Head Still... Follow Through... Keep it Tight... Never Give Up... Ton 'em if you can!