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Problems cueing from the cushions

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  • Problems cueing from the cushions

    Sorry to blag on only my second post but oh well.

    I find playing from the cushions can feel real awkward but when i rest the cue on the cushion and bridge over with a finger, it feels more natural and comfortable but usually results in a wild attempt. I get more pot success with my awkward feeling bridge.

    I had a theory that the finger over the cue, breaking my line of sight down the cue was somehow putting my aim off. Could this be the case?, or do you think it's a stance thing?, thanks.

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    Well, snooker players do get down low and when someone uses a closed bridge (thats what i think your describing when you say that your finger is over the cue), the index finger does get in the way of sighting the shot. As a pool player, i use the closed bridge for almost every shot, so yes, its hard when you have your chin on the cue. With the closed bridge, the head should be about a foot or so from the cue. Either way, i aim before i get down, so that really isnt the issue.

    If your getting balls in with your awkward feeling bridge, id sugguest that you just keep on practicing that bridge and eventually itll feel right.