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Front fingers release ?

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  • Front fingers release ?

    Hi everyone,

    I have been trying to cure my pretty severe wrist turn, and cue getting off line, on power shots. Loose grip, wrist cock, Terry's posts, helped a lot but I am still quite not there. I have taped a thin piece of tape along the top of my cue to check if the cue turns after my follow through. Interestingly it turns a bit also during feathering.

    I recently started experimenting with releasing the index and thumb,instead of the back three fingers, at the end of my backstroke. I know it sounds crazy...I was astonished by the instant results. Cue stays straight and great timing with a nice pure sound when hitting balls (not all the time ). The cue stays flatter too. I think my flaw is generated by the back fingers squeezing the cue before striking the white, getting the cue off line. If the back fingers stay on the cue the all time the issue seem to go away...

    Does anyone have experience with a grip that releases the front fingers?
    Is it worth investing time on this radical mechanical change? My grip change would obviously apply for all shots, not just power shots.

    Thank you !


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    In my experience whatever grip you have just one finger is the most important in keeping the backswing and delivery stroke straight. For me the back two fingers relax on the backswing and the index relaxes on the follow through but the middle finger is constant and the one that holds the cue at all times and is really the only one that I feel is gripping the cue. It sounds strange but the other fingers seem to be simply touching the cue and not really holding it although they are, all the feel is through my middle finger and I believe it's this that keeps the cue straight as the others don't interfere by squeezing too soon and invoking unwanted movement of the wrist.

    For you this new grip is different but it's the one Alex Higgins used and he didn't do too badly so if it works for you then stick to it.
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      Personally for me the first finger and the thumb are the most important parts of the grip but everyone is different and what works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for another, if your getting good results then sweet!