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£750 added prize money for new Cuestars season

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  • £750 added prize money for new Cuestars season

    CUESTARS has added a whopping £750 to the prize fund for the 2019/20 season.

    The Under-21 Gold Tour rankings winner will collect £250. This is in addition to the £100 for winning each event plus the £25 runner-up prize.

    It is hoped the extra funds will be put towards a Q School entry.

    Now, for the first time, the second and third tier rankings winners will also pocket cash.

    The Silver champion will receive £150 and there is £100 for the Bronze winner.

    Moving to the Seniors (40+) Tour, the rankings winner will pocket £250.

    The £500 for the Championship Tour winner remains the same.

    Memberships can now be renewed on the website.

    The packed programme kicks off with the Under-21s at Salisbury SC on September 8. This is followed by the Championship Tour at Jesters SC, Swindon, on September 22 and the Seniors at Top Spot SC, Havant, on September 29.

    About Cuestars

    Founded more than 25 years ago by director John Hunter, Cuestars runs grass-root snooker tournaments across the South of England.

    Competitions take place on Sundays between September and May, and cater for players of all ages.

    All Cuestars tournaments are played off scratch. There are no handicaps, except in the Under-21 Plate. Cuestars uses a round-robin format leading to a knockout.

    Competitions for 2019/20 include: Championship Tour; Under-21 Gold, Silver and Bronze Tours; Seniors (40+) Tour and Masters (55+) Tour.

    Website: E-mail John Hunter: john at

    Tim Dunkley (World Snooker coach)