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  • Good morning

    Hello together,

    Just wanted to say hello to the forum. I am Felix, in my thirties and president of a small snooker club in Germany (5 tables, around 30 members). Been playing for six years now, Highbreak 50, but corona killed all training, this will be a tough way back to that number, especially, if started in summer. Been playing in our league here for some years and every now and then a tournament, but without a lot of effort to be able to put in my game besides the presidential work and my family.

    Initial intention to register was to find some information on how to get a shot clock, but there a probably more information to share here.

    G'day everybody!

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    Hi Felix and welcome to the forum. This is a great place for snooker and you will no doubt benefit from it.

    You will get back to that break and beat it! Sometimes less is more and quality practice over quantity every time.


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      Welcome to TSF Mr.f, hope you enjoy the forum

      The fast and the furious,
      The slow and labourious,
      All of us, glorious parts of the whole!


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        Welcome to TSF Felix .
        Still trying to pot as many balls as i can !


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          Hi Felix, is playing snooker getting more popular in Germany? I had heard that it was quite popular to watch but not so much to play.
          This is how you play darts ,MVG two nines in the same match!


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            Originally Posted by itsnoteasy View Post
            Hi Felix, is playing snooker getting more popular in Germany? I had heard that it was quite popular to watch but not so much to play.
            We lost some players in our club due to covid. And in a town of 50.000 people we can hardly get more than 15-20 interested. So no, playing is not very popular. Probably because of the learning curve and initial and overall costs. I'm planning on getting some schools here interested in having free classes. But then again everbody in our club that could give lessons is working on that hours, where pupils would attend. In the current situation being inside away from the sun is not tempting for minors. Apart from that, we have players from 18-65 in the club. Many interested players come by and want to see it as they know it from TV. But when they recognize, that you have to train a lot to get somewhere, it's not worth for many. How is that done in other countries? Is it just more popular, so no need to advertise?

            The missing attention is something else, main TV here in Germany is focussing only on the popular sports, you can get daily updates on soccer, even though there is nothing on. But sports, without big attention will not get them from official stations.