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  • Hello "lurker"


    • Originally Posted by hitandhope View Post
      I'm a relatively new snooker fan as I am only 17, I'm also a female which probably is quite uncommon too. I like forums but am more of a lurker than a poster, so yeah. Hi.
      well you have made it from a lurker to a poster next step is to Add another and reach 2


      • thanks mate great forum


        • Hello everyone

          joined the forum this week I am originally from beijing moved to Liverpool when I was 5 I used to play pool competitavely. My highest break is 84 sort of lost the love of the game but I have came back to snooker an I am gonna make an effort to involve myself with other fans.


          • New Guy playing on a Brunswick Anniversary 5 x 10

            I just found this site and I look forward to learning more about the game.

            I just purchased a Brunswick 5 x 10 Anniversary model and hope to have it installed next week.


            • Hi everyone

              Just joined the forum this week. I am from Malaysia and played snooker for the University of southampton team some time ago. Neglected the game due to work but have found the interest for the game again. I am gonna make an effort to involve myself with other fans.


              • Hello everyone, I am new here. I joined last week and I have been browsing the site and getting a feel for the place.

                Everyone seems really friendly, I look forward to making my way through the hundreds of threads on these boards.

                I am 30 years old and play in the Rotherham snooker league. I have only been playing competitively for around a month but I've been playing snooker properly for about 6 years.

                I am not great but I am also not useless, I enjoy playing and that is the main thing isn't it?


                • Hi All

                  Hi All,

                  I am a new user who just stumbled upon this site by mistake.

                  I do love playing and watching snooker though I am not that good at it.

                  But I love the game and love to play..

                  The biggest problem is to get some good buddies to play it with...

                  I am based in Bristol and it would be great if some one could let me know of some good clubs where I would be able to make some friends to talk about snooker...(All my friends just talk about computers and cricket)
                  Whoever called snooker 'chess with balls' was rude, but right


                  • I vascillated between an Anniversary and a Centennial and I always get them mixed up

                    I bought a Centennial and now it is set up and I posted a picture of it under tables

                    Steve say centennial, Centennial Centennial


                    • New to this forum,discovered it recently
                      Good to have a forum to discuss snooker


                      • Hi Guys,

                        I've always enjoyed snooker since I was no age. At the beginning of last year, I had to close my poker club since it was hit hard by the recession so I opened a snooker club on the premises with 4 new tables.

                        Now I play all the time and really love it. I bought the training DVD's from the snooker gym and used them to learn to play the game. I highly recommend them to anyone, I went from the odd 20 break to a regular 40 break and my highest is 60 in 6 months.

                        I like playing power snooker as its quick and more attacking minded and hope that with enough learning and practice, I'll hit my first century this year.

                        Great Forum!!!


                        • Hello,

                          Great forum.


                          • Hi I am new to this forum and have no idea how to post newthread, can someone help please


                            • Welcome to TSF
                              Click on The Forum button near the top, select one of the subjects you wish to join, the New Thread button should appear, type-away! :snooker:
                              note: until you have over 10 posts you will have restricted functionality, i.e. no Private Messaging, adding images, etc.
                              Up the TSF! :snooker:


                              • Well I met steve davis john parott jimmy white mark willams Ronnie marco fu plus a few others as well.