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  • Hello and table advice

    Hello all; I've come back to the game after a 30 year odd lapse, determined to make a century before I turn my toes up. I was never that good, the sort of club player that would make an occasional 40 break and an even rarer 50, if the balls fell perfectly. Anyway, to that end I'm in the early stages of building a snooker room.

    It's great to find such a fantastic resource as this forum. I'd like to pick your brains if I may? When it comes to buying a table my preference aesthetically would be for something like an old B&W's. I've spoken to Geoff Large - and by the way what a tremendously knowledgeable and helpful bloke he is - and he advises that this would play very differently to a modern table. He recommends a Karnehm & Hillman or an Aristocrat. My question is, how would it play differently? Can the regular players out there give me a steer on it as to me, at my standard, I'm not sure how much any difference would affect me. many thanks in advance.

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    Welcome to TSF Neil
    Great that you are doing your own potting-shed
    Photos talk

    If I ever get my potting shed it would be Aristo or K&H

    Hope some more knowledgeable players come on with their thoughts.

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    Up the TSF!


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      Hi Dean, many thanks. To be honest all you'd get at the moment is a picture of the back of my house and some cleared ground which I doubt would interest anyone! I'll happily oblige down the line when there's something to see.


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        please do
        Up the TSF!