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  • Newbie but oldie

    Hi all, I just joined the forum .
    I had 9 years off the game after work and family commitments meant I hadnít got time to practise.
    Now Iím back and raring to go !!
    I play with a one piece Burroughs and Watts Bishop cue which I like but since looking on here Iím lusting after something new.
    I assume this is normal ?? 🙂

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    Yes it is but don't fall into the new cue will make you a better player trap, it won't. You've had nine years off but your game was built around your cue and if you were any good that will come back.
    What condition is your cue in after nine years of sitting in its case ? because maybe just a refurbish is all that's needed.
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      welcome back to the game and to TSF
      "normal" - yep many have found themselves buying cue after cue trying to find "the one" only to (often) go back to their original cue
      Unless you want to become a cue collector - then yep, go right ahead - just keep posting photos of the cues for all to enjoy
      Up the TSF!