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Hi guys new here and after some help

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  • Hi guys new here and after some help

    Hi, just signed up and was after some help. Iím looking at buying a new cue after 20 years of my old one and was just gonna list an take best price but someone mentioned it may be better than I thought but I canít find much about it. Some have said itís by barracuda or maybe north west so donít want to give it away. I bought it from frank sandells in Worthing around 20 years ago. Any info or worth would be great. Thanks in advance

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      Hi guys new here and after some help

      yep Frank did some of the North West cues back in the day and they can be very nice cues, so maybe don't let it go and keep it.
      I am not saying don't get a new cue as some do like buying cues for her sake of buying cues (if only I could )
      what is your budget for the new cue?
      welcome to TSF by the way

      Frank still sells some cues and I am sure he will help you out, any excuse to visit his shed is always a good shout
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        Hi I moved away so canít really get down to him now and my budget is around the £200 mark. I just find it a little heavy for me as I only played a few times a year before but now nearly weekly. Was looking at the Peradon prince and I also want a 3/4 cue
        Thanks for the welcome


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          Depends where you are, for that budget I would have a look at Green Baize Ltd (, Stu is always very helpful over the phone and picking out a cue from his vast stock
          Or Andrew - ADR147 - here on TSF also has an ebay shop you can have a look at but he tends to have more stock around than on the shop. You can contact him via his ebay shop or TSF PM or his email

          There are others but those two come to mind

          Good luck, let us know what you get
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            Hi Chrish,
            the only advice you'll get on here is Stu at Greenbaize or ADR147 but there are cuemakers on the forum who could alter the cue you have and make it more suitable for you.
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              Thanks for the info Iíll have a look at the sites later. Just had a message from frank who informs me my cue is not a north west but a barracuda. At last I have an idea to what I have. Have a great Xmas everyone


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                yep there are cuemakers like vmax and ninja and others, who can modify your cue or make you a new one
                no disrespect meant for the omission
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                  Think Iím gonna get a new butt for my cue as that is where all the weight is. It nearly weighs 20oz and the butt section (is a 3 piece) weighs 6oz alone and the price frank told me to sell it for is pretty much what I was gonna spend on a new one. Iíll message adr147 and see what he has as the ones Iíve seen on eBay for pennies donít look great.
                  Cheers guys merry Xmas