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  • Saying Hello :D

    Just wanted to introduce myself!

    I'm Matthew, avid Snooker fan for many years with a high break of 76 in recent times.

    Looking for practice partners in the South West Wales Area (Swansea)

    Hit me up if you are looking for someone to play regular

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    Welcome to TSF Matthew , what is your choice of bat


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      Hi Neil, I've been using a Cue Craft Black Butt for the last say 15 years.

      Though I've only really taken it seriously for the last few years

      Its nothing special but I'm so used to it that I'd struggle to play with anything else.

      Thanks for the welcome.


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        As long as it suits your game , it doesn’t matter about the badge on the cue .


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          Agreed, I don't get all this fuss of changing cues all the time :P


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            Hello all, I have only just joined and this is my first post, sitting down here in Australia, wishing that there was more excitement for the game in my country, I have been playing for a number of years and still suck at it, but I do love it! Recently bought a new house that has room for a table, three of our local clubs have decided to close there snooker rooms, so I got a table at a bargain price and I am over the moon. I am practicing hard and waiting for the skill to descend. I am enjoying reading all the conversations on the site, thanks. Ken.


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              Saying Hello

              welcome to TSF
              have a look at the coaching questions sub-forum and the videos by tedisbill to get some pointers
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              Up the TSF!


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                Thank you for the welcome Dean, I will take a look at the videos.