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Mastercue PB5 or Phoenix Master 10

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  • Mastercue PB5 or Phoenix Master 10

    Hi guys, looking to buy a new cue, both one piece, they are both around the 200 mark, which of these is a better rated cue??

    Many thanks

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    I have a Mastercue, not a pro-butt but similar price. I like it, but I tried some I didn't like so much. It is really down to which you like more, both makers have good reputations.


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      Cheers mate, decisions decisions lol


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        Had a few master cues and few more Phoenix cues with them being both good playing cues but Id go with Phoenix👍
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        ***********************MY CUE SET UP***********************
        Parris 3/4 Champion Ash Cue - 58”, 9.4mm, 19.4oz.
        Parris Long & Mini Extensions, Parris 6” Mini Butt.
        Parris Ultimate 3/4 Leather Case, Parris Leather Chalk Pouch, Parris Cue Towel, Taom Gold Soft Chalk.


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          Hi m8 I have had both makes of cues over the years, in my opinion the phoenix is just little better in quality and feel. But then again I would try them both before buying and whichever feels the better and suits your style of play I'd go for that.


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            Cheers guys, Phoenix arrived yesterday, looks and feels lovely, will have to let you know after I've used it lol, thanks again