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Hi all from Kirkcaldy in Fife

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  • Hi all from Kirkcaldy in Fife

    Hi everyone,

    Just checking in.

    John here from Kirkcaldy in Fife (originally from Burnley, Lancashire).

    Never really played snooker much before although I was in a pub pool team for many years in the 90's.

    We've got a snooker hall here in Kirkcaldy (Styx) which is superb and I've decided that I want to take the game up and get a bit better at it.

    Just got a Phoenix cue ("Master") as a Birthday present and started watching some YouTube videos to try and get some 'virtual' lessons.

    I've always loved watching the game but, now I'm looking forward to trying to improve my own game.

    Going to try and put aside at least one night a week for a knock about down the snooker club (family / work commitments allowing).


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    Hi pall welcome to the fourm if you go onto you tube search stevie Barton snooker he is a coach and does superb videos and he is a member on here to
    Current playing cue Trevor White
    3/4 ash cue


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      Hi Stevie,

      Funnily enough I was watching two of his last night. He was training some lass on how to hold the cue and follow through etc..

      Very informative!

      Thanks :-)


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        Apologies.... I was Barry Stark I was watching... not Stevie Barton...

        I'll check out Stevie Barton when I finish work. Thanks for the heads up


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          Yes I was wondering that was bary coaching the girl bary is kyron Wilson coach also great videos
          Current playing cue Trevor White
          3/4 ash cue


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            Yep, YouTube is a great resource for stuff like that.

            I've always said that I'm only three YouTube videos away from being able to perform open-heart surgery on someone with just a bread knife and a bucket of hot water... :-)


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              sure I have seen that video?

              welcome to TSF

              ah Kirkcaldy
              stayed up there for a year when the top-side was being construction down the road in Methil
              we used to go to the Ambassador (next door to a hotel some of the guys stayed in)
              I stayed in a B&B on Banochy Road(?) - best fried breakfast!
              Also used to frequent Valante's chip shop, as I worked with one of the sons we used to get a big cod and extra chips
              some of the guys would continue the evening by going to Jackio's nightclub - was that Wednesday nights?
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                Thanks Dean.

                Yep, the Ambassador was the old name for Styx. It's the same gaff.

                Bennochy Road is only a short walk away. Had many a "fish supper" (as they call it up here) from Valente's.

                If you ever find yourself back up here and want a pint and a frame or two of snooker just give me a shout mate. :-)


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                  ah cool
                  is it still Valente's?
                  I am sure mum-Valente is no longer around, as I was there in the 90s

                  Yep, fish-supper and it was cheap but so good
                  quick walk round the corner up the hill to the B&B plop down in the kitchen/conservatory and have a chat with the owners - lovely couple - again doubtful if still around

                  We would start the evening in the hotel (Victoria?) and check if anyone had had any pints out of the Tennets before we would
                  not the best stuff, but cheap
                  Then pop over for a few frames, had 20~ tables IIRC

                  My business does not take me up that way anymore but you never know - will certainly give you a shout
                  Up the TSF!


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                    Yes that's right. There's two Valente's chip shops in Kirkcaldy. They're both good.

                    You're right, it is the Victoria - it's still there and sometimes has good 'live music' nights.

                    Styx still has 20+ tables, plus a load of pool tables and some dart boards.

                    It's a great club - cheap(ish) beer too.

                    You've got a great memory - obviously enjoyed your time up here.



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                      yep, was still single and on a cracking day rate
                      oil&gas projects are not the same as in those days
                      great people on the job - fly up on Monday morning, grab the pool car for the airport, swing by that shop in Methil and get a couple of sandwiches made up, down to the site.
                      Then fly back down south whenever necessary, and back again
                      And used to go to some place and do clay-pigeon shooting
                      Out to Auchtermuchty (pub in the square we used to call it?), or St.Andrews.
                      Once to Glenrothes to see Jimmy White and Virgo do an exhibition night at the sport hall

                      nope, don't remember a thing!
                      Up the TSF!


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                        Yep, that's Cluney Clays for the shooting. Been there a couple of times myself.

                        It's a nice area round here. I certainly don't miss the traffic from Preston area where I used to stay.

                        I spent many years on the road as well. It's nice when you get a job with a decent bunch of folk and some nice pubs etc... :-)


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                          Welcome to the forum uptown47


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                            Thanks wizard :-)


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                              Welcome to TSF John
                              Still trying to pot as many balls as i can !