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    Originally posted by DeanH View Post
    to continue from other post

    do you regularly go to events?

    A friend and I have been to the Welsh Open for some years now, back in Newport now in Cardiff, we go for the whole week, away from wife and children
    We got early-bird cheap rate tickets in September for next year
    Champ of Champs was the first I’ve been to in over 15years I would say. Been several times to the UK champs when they held it at Preston. I used to live near Oldham back in the day so it was the closest one at the time. The UK was also the first time I ever went... Showcat Ali V Steven Lee ( I think) my first live match... a classic as you can imagine! Seen Hendry V OS too at the UK.

    Not sure I could do a week! I’d happily leave the wife and kids, but the dog??... just couldn’t do it it! Lol