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  • Hello snookerists

    I’m an old newbie sort of I think it was 2011 last time I posted on here and hardly played in the last 9 years but going back to it again this week I’ve dug my old cue out which I bought new around 2010 from ADR147 on here. Is he still a member selling cues, mine is still in superb condition with the case he sold me with it, even though it’s spend 9 years in the attic
    just ordered some Elkmaster tips as mine is nearly done in, plus it’s old .
    how is everyone? Is there anyone left from 9/10 years ago?
    ill probably really struggle hitting anything nowadays as I’ve packed loads of weight on and now use glasses for near stuff. My eyes should be ok tho I only use the glasses for reading. Anyway just dropped in to say hello so I’ll end my essay here. Happy potting