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  • Hi there

    Hi all,

    I thought I’d better introduce myself as a newbie to the forum .
    Im looking to return to playing snooker again after a 15 year layoff . In fact this will be my second comeback as i had a lay-off of 10 years when I started playing again 15 years ago !.
    I used to play in the mid 80’s /late 80’s when snooker was my life as it was for many people then.
    Im hoping to get back up to a good club level once the clubs ((hopefully) reopen after the Corona crisis .

    Of course my main objective now is just staying healthy along with my family.

    Stay healthy everybody .


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    welcome to TSF
    Glad you got on :wink:

    stay safe and well
    Up the TSF! :snooker:


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      Thanks Dean


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        Welcome Mark, hopefully we’ll all be back playing soon. Would be great to get back to missing easy balls and getting frustrated lol.


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          Thanks Nifty,
          Yeah I can’t wait for that !


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            Welcome to TSF Starsky , where are you going to play ? What is your choice of weapon

            P.S Is your doubles partner called ' Hutch ' by any chance
            Still trying to pot as many balls as i can !


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              Hi Neil,
              I live in Kent and my local club is Petts Wood. I had only been there a couple of times to practice by myself before this madness started . Once I get back to to a half decent standard I’ll start to visit some other clubs nearby .
              I’ve just bought an old Riley one piece billiard cue. I love the old cues and when I played full time as a kid I used a Thurston. I sold that cue to go raving in 1989 and it’s one of the worst life decisions I’ve made !

              Starsky was my nick name at school and is based on my surname .


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                Yep ...…..we've all been there …….selling a cue that in time we come to regret
                Still trying to pot as many balls as i can !


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                  I had a good night anyway, what I can remember of it..


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                    Welcome Starsky!