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  • Originally posted by DeanH View Post
    2019 First round losers got ?12,500, so there is a "prize for showing up
    ...which is why Maguire showed up last november in Coventry with a broken leg (I was holding the door to him, we were entering the venue at the same time by chance): he lost 4-0 if I remember well, but he "won" 12,500. Also, participating to the CoC was the best payday ever for Reanne Evans (which is sad for a multi-world-champion like her).


    • Originally posted by Zelig View Post
      Also, participating to the CoC was the best payday ever for Reanne Evans (which is sad for a multi-world-champion like her).
      Only because no men are allowed in the womens championship. If they want the same money they play the same opponents, she tried and didn't win a match. I am not in favour of inferior sports people getting the same rewards as the best, regardless of gender; take tennis as an example, if you split the mens tour in half according to ranking, and played two tours together and paid the bottom ranked half the same as the top ranked half, would that be fair ?

      And well done Maguire, sod all to do with his cue btw, he played some great snooker with that ash one in the last tournament before lockdown, it's what's between the ears that counts.
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      • Originally posted by PatBlock View Post

        I usually watch with the volume down these days, so I didn't really notice. Why not give it a try? Put some music on or something and just concentrate on the snooker, which was very entertaining, that'll do me.

        Nah, kind of defeats the object for me. I like the commentary (at least when it's the BBC team) and I love the oohs and ahhs and applause from the crowd.
        "Kryten, isn't it round about this time of year that your head goes back to the lab for retuning?"


        • Congratulations to Wee* Stephen on a marvellous win!

          When he was a youngster, there were two or three times I had a strong impression he was likely to do very well indeed - but I never imagined him potting a black for 250k.

          The most memorable of the above was one evening I came in to find Jules watching as Stephen played practice frames. Jules turned and said to me "That boy is very impressive. He's playing shots even I don't know". I never recall such high praise from Jules for another player - nor much at all in fact!. Anyone who could impress Mr Z was clearly a top prospect!

          If you are too young to remember Jules, just ask around. Some man.

          All the same, even he wasn't as good as Wee Stephen!

          Iain McDonald

          *first met him quite a while ago.......................