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Replacing balls

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  • Replacing balls

    why don't they don't install a cross hair laser system in snooker to replace balls ?

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    for the Chinese events their system displays a circle on the TV screen which shimmers when moving and becomes solid when the ball is in position
    not sure but I don't think this is used for non-China events.

    I have asked for sometime that is must be possible to have a projection on the table itself
    Up the TSF!


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      Good idea, I'm sure you could get a laser the exact size of the ball as well, so the ref doesn't have to mess about checking if a ball spots or not.


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        Well actually they could have the cross hair on the table forst then just flick it to the top of the ball it's not difficult maths or an expensive solution and it would save so much time as well as being 100% accurate especially when 3 or 4 balls have been moved on a miss