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World Championship - Day Off !

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  • World Championship - Day Off !

    Book of May 4th 2020 now !...….it is not a Bank Holiday .
    Still trying to pot as many balls as i can !

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    My thinking is why did the government not give us an extra public holiday to commemorate the end of WW2, instead of moving the existing one?
    Up the TSF!


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      Stop talking complete and utter sense Dean ! I read what Hearn said , the Government only advised of this last month . By which time tickets , venue ,tv etc were already sorted and he has no way of changing the date .
      Still trying to pot as many balls as i can !


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        Bit of an awkward one to deal with I think. World Snooker have shot themselves in the foot by selling tickets so early. Probably thought it was a good idea.
        The business world would not like the idea of an extra public holiday cos of all sorts of reasons, staffing etc.
        Changing the date to another one is bound to upset some group somewhere.
        I’m a big fan of Hearn cos of what he’s done for snooker but I think in this case he’s just going to have to take it on the chin.
        Folk have plenty time to think up an alternative plan. Worse case scenario for folk who have purchased tickets and can’t attend is to return tickets and hope for some sort of a refund.
        For everyone who usually watch it on the telly and will now miss it then it’s tough. These things happen tho. I missed it one year cos of family illness. Was gutted but got over it. I also remember the time the Iranian Embassy was being stormed and coverage was interrupted continuously. Pissed me off but hey ho.
        The VE Day thing is a one off so we all just need to handle it.
        Yep difficult one to deal with.


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          I think I saw on twitter that they have refunded all the tickets sold for that day?