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World Seniors Championship

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    Yeah, both playing quite well, entertaining.


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      Come on Jimmy!


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        Great to see the legends play again, more today and hoping for a Hendry/White final
        August 17th 2019 14:00 BST
        August 17th 2019 19:00 BST
        Chen Gang


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          Originally posted by DeanH View Post
          this reminds me why I now listen to Eurosport commentators most of the time - Virgo and Taylor - terrible, annoying, grating!
          It was nice to hear Willie Thorne commentating again.

          Each to their own but I enjoy John Virgo commentary.


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            "where's the cue ball going" after it has already bounced off the jaws
            Up the TSF!


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              A nice payday for The Whirlwind , £25K . Not to be sniffed at , and a win at The Crucible . Well done Jimmy .

              I read that he mentioned that Tony Knowles noticed he was standing differently to a few years ago , and that he wasn't locking
              his back leg . He went back to look at a few video's [ or should that be DVD's ] and saw for himself . So he corrected this .

              I would like to hope that this will help him get a few better results over the coming season .


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                Interesting though that this is an amateur competition for the over 40s.

                Jimmy White got in by the Seniors rules saying anyone on an Invitational Main Tour Card could enter.
                This season that's White and Wattana. Doherty played last season but as he won himself a proper tour card he's not eligible.

                Also, just after White winning, they announced that the winner was on the qualification list for the Champion of Champions.

                This is the third year this event has been run as an over 40s amateur event and the first two years it was won by amateurs - Peter Lines and Aaron Canavan.
                No Champion of Champions for them though.

                I've nothing against Jimmy White and I think the Seniors Tour is great for amateurs over 40.

                But the way things appear to have been manipulated is causing a bit of concern.


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                  ^^^ welcome to the wonderful world of WPBSA and World Snooker
                  Up the TSF!