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2019 World Seniors UK Championship

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  • 2019 World Seniors UK Championship

    matches shown on FreeSport [Sky422]
    Live from 10am and then 2pm and 7pm
    Up the TSF!

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    Great coverage on FreeSports (freeview channel 64) watching now while I work


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      It certainly renews your absolute respect for the main tour watching some of this. Slightly painful in some ways but refreshing in others. Large amount of respect to Stephen Hendry for taking part, it can't be easy to let these lower level players have a pop a taking you on, who wouldn't like to say " I beat SH"!

      He has played a bit better than I have seen him of late and is still a good draw for watchers.
      No cheap shots...well maybe the odd one if its funny...


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        Great to see Jimmy playing again on tv, hendry playing too i think, have to look up the play schedule


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          the next two I know of are:
          2019 Super Seniors 3, November 9th 2019
          2019 World Seniors Championship (World Qualifier 2), November 8th - 10th 2019

          not sure if both are on TV though, cross-fingers

          Today's Final on now, Frame 1 Jimmy 101, F2 Micahel Judge 114
          Up the TSF!


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            Strange, the score is 2-2 here
            Nevermind, i re-read and get it now