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  • ticket still available for this


    Just been looking at it seems there are still tickets left for this at the weekend.

    In fact they have just/recently released tickets for the balcony for some sessions , sat pm and sunday all day. I spoke to a lady on the phone and she is not sure why sat am or friday weren't allowed to be sold on the system but thought they would be available on the day.

    I really liked this event the first time round but missed it last year totally. I can still remember Drago Vs McCloud when he won on the black with a trick shot and Robertson potting a black on 0 sec to win a match.

    I bought a ticket for sunday and will go along on friday and see what I can get on the door i think.

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    Would have loved to go! Have to work this evening so can only watch from the laptop, still I look forward to this very much!