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    Originally posted by cueman View Post
    Its no wonder snooker is dying in this country, if the BBC can't give proper coverage of the 2nd biggest ranking event of the season and with only 3 tournaments covered by the BBC over the calendar year.
    This is closely related to a thread I started in the Lounge earlier today, asking if the BBC's coverage has diminished compared to that of the 80s/90s. The reply I got there was that the BBC have only lost one tournament, but now I'm beginning to wonder again.

    As for there only being one table on the red button - outrageous! What the hell do we pay our license fee for? Will definately be letting them know my thoughts via that survey.
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      Better coverage on Sunday, so a happier-snooker-bunny today
      I do like the BBC non-match items, the interviews and the studio pieces, this is what the BBC does best, come on the BBC!
      Still only one match on Red Button and I doubt that will change in the near future; yes all matches were on internet but as has been said before (myself and others) I prefer to watch snooker on my nice big TV (also I believe the internet stream are only for UK, anyone?)

      By the way I think the BBC covers four events, if you count BBC Wales showing the Welsh Open
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        They still took the snooker off the red button in the evening to make way for the Antiques Roadshow play along.


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          Yes I noticed the Big "Snooker Live" option had gone, but when I clicked on the "standard" Sports, the Snooker came up, no options, it just came up
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