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1 snooker required and opponent makes a foul.

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  • 1 snooker required and opponent makes a foul.

    hi everyone.
    i just played a match and we were : me : 22 oponnent : 49.
    green to black left. he snookered himself potting the yellow and makes a foul while playing for the green. i’m i allowed to ask him to play again from the original spot where he got snookered?
    thanks for your answers.
    greetings from morocco.

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    Hello Morocco

    For all balls to be Replaced where they were before the stroke, a MISS would have to have been called.

    In your scenario you require penalty points (after the penalty points added after the foul on the green, you are 27 behind with 25 on the table) so no MISS would be called; so you would have the usual two options after any foul:
    (1) Play yourself from where the balls come to rest; or
    (2) ask the offender to play from where the balls come to rest.

    The third option of replacing the balls and having the offender play again is only when a Miss is called.

    As you can see from the last few words on Sec14(a)(i) even with penalty points being required, a MISS can be called if in your opinion (the non-player and acting as referee) the miss was intentional!

    Often in usual club play the Miss rule is not played as it can be difficult to replace the balls satisfactorily to both players

    Sec 3.14(a)(i)
    14. Foul and a Miss
    (a) The striker shall, to the best of their ability, endeavour to hit the ball on or a ball that could be on after a Red, or a free ball nominated as a Red, has been potted. If the referee considers the Rule infringed, they shall call FOUL AND A MISS unless:
    (i) any player required penalty points before, or as a result of, the stroke being played and the referee is satisfied that the miss was not intentional;

    FYI you can download the rules from the WPBSA website in PDF format
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      Just cover if I missed understood the original scenario

      If the scenario is that you are now 26 to 49 (23 behind with 25 on table) after the penalty points added, a MISS can be called now and so the options to the non-offending player are:
      (1) Play yourself from where the balls come to rest; or
      (2) ask the offender to play from where the balls come to rest.
      (3) have the balls replaced and have the offender play again.
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        thank you very much for your answer. yes indeed i got back in the score when he made the foul. the foul put me back in game with 4points.

        i have another question please. i just played a game, i was snookered by the black and i was playing the brown. i touched the bro but i slipped due to slippy carpet and touched the pink ball with my cue. is it a 4 or 6 points foul ?

        thanks a lot for answering quick ! cheers !


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          I assume "bro" is Brown
          As in any foul situation the penalty is Four or the value of the ball fouled if higher.
          So in this scenario the penalty would be 6 as the pink was fouled and of greater value than 4

          Slippery flooring is the bane of snooker players worldwide
          I always ensure I have good footwear to stop this - may not happen for months but that one time.....
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