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Unidentified 3/4 cue.

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  • Unidentified 3/4 cue.

    Hello budding snooker detectives. Just a shot in the dark !!!Unknown cue 002.jpgUnknown cue 001.jpgUnknown cue 004.jpgUnknown cue 003.jpg
    I have acquired a superb 3/4 ash cue with the best chevrons & butt design I have ever seen. It is really classy. Unfortunately the previous owner(s) have lost the round cue name badge & cannot help with any I/D or history details. So here goes.

    Its 57.5 ins long; ash shaft with 9.4mm tip & 29.7 butt diameter. Its jointed at 15.5 ins & the butt joint is very similar to a Parris joint as is the butt extension joint (takes both Parris & Mastercue joints).
    The cue incorporates 14 hand splices with a face splice of what I think is either brown ebony or cocobolo over white maple (the face splice is a/6 ins long). The butt is then spliced with 4 X larger splices of the same type as the face splice but obviously a larger type. They are ended about 10.5 ins about the butt base. There is further splicing ending a/7 ins above the butt/shaft joint, and the more I look at it the more I think its brown ebony.
    A possible clue to its I/D is that the name plate hole is very small a/15.7 mm in diameter & a/3mm deep. I have tried all sorts of searches & enqs with zero effect.
    ANY IDEAS CHAPS ???? & does anyone have any suitable round badges of this size available. Please see attached photos for further info.

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    JX Champion cue you normally see on ebay quite often with various splice designs this models known as the JXM7 and the best looking one in the range to be fair i'd say.
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      Dear Cue Ant:
      You should be a DCI. I have checked the JX site & it appears to be I/D with my cue. I must say it plays as good as anything else I have including a Niche Classic & a Cue Craft Marksman etc & was less than 1/3 of the price if not even less. The balance & strike are superb, & the appearance cannot be faulted. Ideal cue for beginners.
      Many thanks for your spot.

      Regards Dave Clark (nobbyclark)


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        No problem mate i'm not too bad with any cue it doesn't matter what it costs as long as your happy and it suits you, and even better if it was a bargain price, it has nice looking splice work as well.


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          I used to have one of his cues, and will agree they do play well and look good, bargain price for anyone after a half decent cue and case package tbh