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  • Shedding Nap

    We had West of England 6811 cloth out on our tables at the seniors snooker club when we moved locations. We have noticed that that tables are shedding a lot of nap fiber (10 months since the recover) One table in particular (has the heaviest play. Because it has the tightest pockets the better players (who play more hours) prefer this table (big advantage for us when we play other clubs in league play)) is bad after brushing. The cue ball has green lines from nap fibers along the lines where it rolls on the cloth. We have taken to vacuuming instead. This has reduced the problem significantly but there is still some green fibers picked up on the cue ball.

    Routine was to brush the table once per day before start of play; vacuum once every week or 2 (old vacuum that does not have a lot of suction) and iron once a week.

    Now tables are lightly brushed to remove chaulk marks and are vacuumed and ironed every week. This has reduced problem somewhat but it still shows up, especially on the heavy use table.

    Has anyone else had this problem? Any ideas why we have run into this?

    Should we just give up brushing the bed and go to just vacuuming?