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How does the different to the size of cues tip?

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  • How does the different to the size of cues tip?

    Hi everyone,

    This my first topic so I'm sorry for language.
    I would like to know :
    How does the different to the size of cues tip?
    What's the size is better?
    Smaller can control better than bigger?

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    How to choose the cue strong or soft?
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    welcome to the forum.

    the basic rule would be a larger tip gives you more accuracy and a smaller tip more spin.

    generally snooker tips start around 9mm but you will find most play with 9.3mm -10mm . you may get the odd person using less than 9mm but not recomended.

    i think if you are starting try in the middle size and go for a 9.5mm and just experiment going larger then smaller.

    you should find that different makes too make a difference, due to how they are made , soft or hard , laminated or pressed. there is no basic one that fits all, so just buy a few until you can find the one that suites your game.

    with regards to cues, again this is personal choice and no one can recommed which is best, a whippy cue deflects more but can give you a lot of spin where as a stiffer cue deflects less and might give you more control. so again its personal choice. if you are a complete beginner you will have to try a few.

    best if you can find a supplier who has a store with a table so you could try a few before you buy. i would not go overboard and splash out on a custom made to start with until you know what really suits you. just get a cheap one and experiment.

    i'm telling you some spend years playing and keep changing tips and cues all looking for that holy grail which they may never find.

    Good luck
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      Sensible advice!