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When does a snooker frame actually finish?

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  • When does a snooker frame actually finish?

    Hello everyone.

    What happens if; Player 1 needs just pink to win and player 2 needs pink and black. Its player 1's turn to shoot and pots the pink but then proceeds to shoot the black, he pots it but fouls the white too bringing player 2 back in the points. Was the frame over when player 1 potted the pink? or should player 2 take the points of the foul and continue with black to win?

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    from your scenario, Player 1 won when the Pink was potted, and he could have claimed the frame then, but he has the right to play the Black regardless.

    You say that "Player 1 needs just Pink to win", i.e he would be more than 7 points ahead after potting the Pink, then:
    rule sec 2:
    1. Frame
    A frame of snooker comprises the period of the play from the start, see Section 3 Rule 3(c), with all the balls set as described in Section 3 Rule 2, each player playing in turn until the frame is completed by:
    (a) concession by any player during his turn;
    (b) claim by the striker when; Black is the only object ball remaining on the table, aggregate points are not relevant, and there is a difference of more than seven points between the scores in his favour;

    Player 2 would get the seven penalty points added to their score but they still lose the frame due to being more than 7 behind still.
    There is also the ruling that the frame is over with the first score or foul on the Black. This stops a never ending frame because of multiple fouls on the remaining black, that could continue with your added comments

    Obviously in your scenario, there was no equal scores, so no respot black was required.
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      Thanks for the reply.

      Yes precisely, player 1 was more than 7 points ahead after potting the pink but then went on to pot the black as well but fouled the white in the process.

      My question is this: Does the game officially end when there is nothing to snooker behind left on the table and mathematically impossible to catch your opponent on points, regardless whether your opponent decides to continue or not?

      Another way of looking at it: Had player 1 potted the black without fouling the white, he would have taken the 7 points. So why are they not given to player 2 if player 1 fouls the white while taking on the black?


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        They are given to player 2 (the non-offender) but if the six points put Player 1 more than seven points ahead, after the points from the foul Player B will still be on a lower score than Player A, and as Dean has already quoted the first legal pot or foul when only black remains ends the frame.


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          Thanks for clearing that out for me, i was under the impression that if the points from the foul are awarded to player 2 and he is less than 7 behind the black is respotted and its black to win.


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            hi Rahal
            if you dont have a copy of the rules, you can down load them from the link below, and then settle down for some fun night-time reading
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