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White lint under cushion cloth a problem??

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  • White lint under cushion cloth a problem??

    Hi chaps, not too long ago i bought a Burroughs and Watts 12 ft snooker table, it had new bed cloth and cushion cloth fitted, however the new cushion cloth was fitted over a white lint cloth that was already fitted over newish rubbers (5 years old)
    I've been told that this was the old fashioned way of doing this, but the response im getting off the cushions is awful, the ball seems to slow down by about a third when coming off ALL cushions, could it be the white lint under the cushion cloth responsible for this,
    Its a steal blocker as well so they should be flying off!
    Has anyone else ever seen this before or had this problem?

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    Shafter try moving this to the table section, then maybe Geoff will answer it, or PM him.
    This is how you play darts ,MVG two nines in the same match!