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  • Frame ball ?

    Ok, this shouldn't take long to clear up and i may well feel silly asking when i find out, but my question is, when watching a frame on telly and the crowd suddenly breaks out in applause because the 'frame' ball has been potted leaving there opponent needing snookers, how do they all know ? I can't believe there all sat doing maths adding up how many reds and 8 points there are+ the 27 for the colours then comparing with the score on the board ? There must be and easy way you work this out because i never know and don't sit doing maths while enjoying the play. Sure i have an idea when there somewhere near the winning post but if a player has been taking bulk colours with his reds then this isn't always easy !

    So please, go ahead, make my day, make me feel stupid and put me out of my misery !

    thanks in advance.

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    Yes the snooker crowds are an educated bunch - and there is a score board in many arenas showing how many points are left


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      The reds times table .

      Just a memory of how many points are left

      Ie ....I just know without counting that if there is 4 reds left there are 59 points left etc . I don't remember them all but it's just multiply by 8 .

      1 Red left - 35 Points remaining
      2 Reds left– 43 Points remaining
      3 Reds left– 51 Points remaining
      4 Reds left– 59 Points remaining
      5 Reds left– 67 Points remaining
      6 Reds left – 75 Points remaining
      7 Reds left – 83 Points remaining
      8 Reds left – 91 Points remaining
      9 Reds left – 99 points remaining
      10 reds left – 107 points remaining
      11 Reds left – 115 points remaining
      12 Reds left – 123 points remaining
      13 Reds left – 131 points remaining
      14 Reds left – 139 points remaining
      15 Reds left – 147 points remaining


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        There is no easy answer but I think Catch22 is right: you just 'know' that there are a certain amount of points left with a certain number of reds left. The electronic scoreboards in the arena show the breaks and adds them to the cumulative scores too, so it's easier than on a club scoreboard to see what the current total is, and therefore the difference in scores.


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          LOL, forgot the score boards show the remaining available score ! Off now to do my reds time table !

          Cheers folks.


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            i think most snooker fans and all players can glance at the table and they know each red is 8 plus 27


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              I thought it was because most of them have the ear pieces in listening to the commentary. Usually the commentator will say the next red/colour is frame ball.


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                Originally posted by ADR147 View Post
                i think most snooker fans and all players can glance at the table and they know each red is 8 plus 27
                My problem is that by the time I've done the maths another ball's been potted and I'm a bit confused, with a sore head, I hate maths.


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                  It's just the Reds times table as has been said above. I just know without thinking that if there is 5 reds left, then there is 67 on the table.

                  So it's dead easy when you're watching on the TV and a player is on a break. If he's 63 ahead and nicely on the black, with 5 reds left on, once he pots the black the other guy needs snookers. Simples.
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