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Does anyone here plays snooker and workout at gym? (weight lifting)

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    Hi,I can't comment on the weightlifting as I never tried combining the two.
    I am however a professional woodworker and found that if I had been hand sawing timber that day I could cue much straighter on those days.It certainly seems to strengthen and exercise the cue arm muscles.

    This could be a rather unorthodox training method for your cue action but might try it again before my next practice session.


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      I used to go to the gym five days a week and it messes up your snooker if you put to much bulk on, i recommend lighter weights with more reps and do plenty cardio as well if you must do snooker and gym.
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        Just found this old thread as have started weight lifting again, high reps medium weight to burn fat and tone muscle. I have noticed my action has straightened up although there is more tension in the shot, so improved accuracy but loss of control! Still early days and hopefully it will work itself out, just wondered if there was any specific excercices that should be avoided, I know I feel a lot of tension when I've done lateral lifts?
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