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3 miss rule special case

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  • 3 miss rule special case

    I would like to get confirmation on the following rule in a specific situation

    After a miss has been called under paragraph (c) above when there was

    a clear path in a straight line from the cue-ball to a ball that was on or

    could have been on, such that central, full ball, contact was available (in

    the case of Reds, this to be taken as a full diameter of any Red that is not

    obstructed by a colour
    ), then:
    Would this also apply in the following situation where the red is partially obstructed by another red. I think yes because the rule mentions "not obstructed by a colour

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    Reds are not considered as obstructing balls - only colours.
    Each red is considered on its own, disregarding any other red or reds that could be slightly or fully obstructing the Red in question.
    So in your image, one red is obstructed by the black, one red is not obstructed by a colour, therefore a Miss will be called and the count to 3 would occur, as at least ONE red is unobstructed.
    This has been seen in TV matches, where the referee has indicated the red he considers to be unobstructed by any colour, even though that particular red has other reds in a direct line to the cue ball.
    When I get home I will have a look at the SRA explanation to this point and come back
    Up the TSF!


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      That's what I thought. However it also states central full ball contact


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        You could hit the red full contact if the other red wasn't there, as said reds are not classed as obstructing balls


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          Originally posted by ExtinctSKB View Post
          That's what I thought. However it also states central full ball contact
 if the other red/reds are not there would be a full contact possible, each red is considered individually as if the other reds were not there.
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