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New tip pinging slightly on gentle shots

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  • New tip pinging slightly on gentle shots

    Playing shots with pace has a normal sound to it but when i strike the cue ball gently there's a slight pinging from my tip. Is this symptomatic of a loose tip, or would it ping on all shots? I've made sure it's not that the cue isn't screwed together properly.

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    yes, could be a loose tip . using too much glue can also be the cause of this kind of sound .
    Please try to Re-tip the cue. Make sure for a clean surface ( the tip as well as Ferrule ) . Do Not use too much glue. one drop of glue is enough. if you still hear that sound, it could be the ferrule off its place ( loose ). It May be a good idea to visit a cue doctor .


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      Make sure the ferrule is level too...

      Fighting a losing battle with a new tip if the ferrule isn't clean and level.


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        Hi guys.

        Thanks for the advice.

        I removed the tip and replaced it and have since decided that it's probably normal. Knocked in a 50 break in three consecutive frames with it last night, which isn't something i've done before and it's still making the same noise so im sure it's just me being paranoid. I've decided it's more of a wooden sound than a pinging sound. If it flies off and blinds someone in the near future then i'll update the thread.