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  • Feathering

    Apologies if this has been covered already. Im new to the game in terms of focussing on it and trying to learn, whereas of r years I just knocked balls around but now trying to spend some time ironing out bad habits and starting from scratch as it were

    My question is this - why do players (pros and amateurs alike), tap the table with their fingers when feathering. Ive tried with and without and see no conscious difference to the eventual shot. Or am I missing something?


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    it is purely psychological, a nervous tic, and of no real benefit to the player as more than often they don't know they are doing it
    so if you don't already do it, don't add it to your routine as that could ruin something that does work for you
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      That's perfect, thank you


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        Yeah its subconscious. I swore I didn't do it .However watching a video of me playing recently I noticed that on power shots with a long backswing I sometimes tap my middle finger once as I deliver the cue .

        Never noticed it while playing and I only do it sometimes .


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          I started a thread about this around a year or so ago and got mixed responses. Some people encourage it, others say don't pay any attention to it. Personally, I noticed that nearly every single pro does it and decided that there was something in it.

          My current opinion is that it helps release tension from your hand, which allows you to fine tune your shot line, and also helps with timing/rhythm.