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  • Centre split cues

    Looking at a centre split cue to use in our 8 ball pool league. Mainly because you need a break cue and don't want to carry two cases. Started snooker 6 months ago but to play competitive pool is a way to get into a competition mode easy. Retired so play snooker in the am and pool after lunch, 3 days week.
    Looking at a Peradon Royal. Any recommendations? There doesn't seem to be many 2 piece cues arround.

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    I do'nt know what spcs you re looking for?

    Peradon Royals are 9.5 mm tip size at smallest ( unless i'm wrong of crs ).

    Why do'nt you give a call to one of those cue agents ? Craftsman ? Greenbaize ?

    They may be able to help you out my friend .


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      9.5 to 10 should be fine .....I bought. A Peradon Zephyr with 8.5 December and didn't realise the difference1.5 mm is.
      I am happy with my Peradon snooker cue 9.5 to 10 mm.
      As I live in NZ I do most buying on internet...not ideal as I bought 3 snooker cues last year Mitchell, Cue craft and finally Peradon before I was happy. NZ has a very limited market so very few stores in the whole country.
      Most people seem to buy Peradon laser, Joe Davis and Ascot for pool here....not much choice. That's why I am interested in any view on the Royal cue.


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        I tought You're from UK . Sorry about that.
        If you live in NZ , then your options are indeed limited .


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          I've got a two piece half jointed maple cue craft.
          Not really trying to sell it so would only consider a serious £££ offer.
          Get your posts up then we'll be able to pm...
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            Thanks for post ....I am looking for ash shaft and 18 to 19 ounces so I don't have a big adjustment from my snooker cue.


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              I've a nice old cue which has been center jointed. I think it's heavier than the stamp, but don't know exactly what it weighs.


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                Thanks but looking at new...which is why I was looking for comments on a Peradon Royal