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  • need some tips not tips

    hello im new here, let me tell you guys alittle bit about myself
    live in australia, im 25 and highest break 50, been playing for about 6 years on/off now
    saw coach 3 years ago, and this year i saw my coach like 5 times now

    i have improved alot but i am not consistent with my breaks, although sometimes i feel that i can easily make 100's ( sometimes i feel so confident but ...... )
    recently i have changed my cuing acceleration and it seems to have changed my game completely ( improved), but it does not work all the time, and i miss some random shots way off the pocket, after featuring, i pull the cue back very slow in a straight line, and i just dont accelerate suddendly, first few inches of the cue i play very very slow, and then start to accelerate the cue through , however this has improved my game alot, specially straight shots, even long pots, but only straight shots. when it comes to angle shots i dont see much difference, when i play long blue, i can screw/follow 7 outta 10 .

    the other thing i try these days as my routine i focus on the grip but only after the shot, i mean once i hit the shot, i want my forfinger and thumb to be straight towards the line of the aim ( mark williams) is a good example, if you search his pics, this has improved my long and deep scews heaps, however im still struggling with big breaks

    any tips? specially with the cue acceleration method?
    the way i practice that is , that i practice on the table with no ball, and as soon as i pull the cue back, i make it very very slow to accelerate my cue ( just for practice ) , i practice as if its slow motion, i pull the cue back , then i keep watching my cue as every mm of my cue goes through ( specially first mm's of my cue lenght)

    dont know if i shouldnt be doing this, but it has helped me to look if im delivering in a straight line and also control the acceleration
    now if you watch ding here, specially 0:53 look at his cue tip , first few inches pushing very slow, then accelerate