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Where to focus ? object ball and/or cueball

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  • Where to focus ? object ball and/or cueball

    Hello there,
    I'm still struggling to hit a consistent shot, coming from the inconsistent stroke.
    I'd like to get opinions.

    When you are about to do a stroke "just before" , do you only look at the cue ball or you look at the object ball? or "transition" from cue ball to object ball?

    Every time I do a stroke, I mess this up.

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    Lots of opinions if you do a search. None are right or wrong as it is something you need to discover yourself.

    If you have to think about where to look you won't pot much. Focus your attentions more on developing a consistent cue action.


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      As long as you not looking at the door you e fine


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        For years I always looked at the point on the object ball I wanted to hit (hand/eye-coordination thing); then on TSF people started to talk and swear and argue that looking at the cue ball was better.
        Now, I did not deliberately try the cue ball style but I had found myself doing so when delivering the cue and missing shots I would normally get. I now have to concentrate on NOT doing that and get the focus on the object ball back into my game.
        So for the sake of reading a couple of posts about a year ago, my game has gone to pot because I allowed it to creep into my game
        What works for one person does not necessarily works for everyone.

        Up the TSF!


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          Originally posted by DeanH View Post
          What works for one person does not necessarily works for everyone.
          Exactly, my evolving Action got shagged my a very sensible post that had me trying to do what I was actually doing.... I only found out after I managed to stop trying to follow the advice.

          Which is why I like this: as it has no mind fking advice tips etc Not that I remember to do it when I practice